"Psychiatry is driving me mad: a blog about mental health & stuff" with a picture of pill bottles.


This blog is nothing special or unique. I can't promise that it will offer you, the reader, any form of new or shiny insights into the world of mental health. It's just me and my thoughts. My name is Wren, I am an autistic, lesbian, abuse survivor in the UK, and for many years now I have been under the care of NHS mental health services. I decided to start this blog in May 2020 because I need a void into which I may freely shout.

I intend to write about topics that are relevant to my life, which may include mental health, homelessness, child abuse, medical school, psychiatry, sexual assault, autism, suicide, the catholic church, borderline personality disorder, and self harm. Consider this a massive content warning. There may be huge gaps in posts while I'm away being mad.